Why they let the Grain spoil in Open??

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

FCI Grain Storage Godown
Rotting Grain

This is a controversial topic, although I have been discussing this since last 10 years with many Grain Storage Industry people. No one seems to disagree but no one wants to initiate the change in the existing system.

Every year we see on media, pictures of grains rotting in various govt. godowns/terminals all over India. People see those pictures and videos... feel bad about it... media too raise hue and cry for some time and then everyone forgets.

I somehow went deep into it. I had many questions in my mind like;

  • Why they let these grains spoil?

  • Are they not afraid of penalties that are imposed on them by FCI for spoiling the grain?

  • What are the systems of Quality checks for grains?

  • Are they using calibrated equipment for quality checks?

In order to search for answers I visited many Indian Mandis and FCI Godowns to understand the procedures, equipment, their calibration mythology and their standard operating procedures. I also visited to many grain storage facilities in USA, Canada and Europe to understand their system of operation.

And, finally I got my answer. MOISTURE is the main culprit.

Yes, everything in Grain Storage revolves around Moisture Percentage of Grains. How moisture is measured. How moisture gain / loss is factored in Stock Calculations. People who are smart knows how to use moisture to their benefits and trust me they are not doing anything illegal, it is 100% LEGAL. Yes, you heard it right. It is 100% legal to spoil the grain and make it vulnerable to infestation.

Moisture Gain / Loss Adjustments in Stocks