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Rostfrei Make Zincalume Steel Silos

Rostfrei Steels Pvt. Ltd. is India’s one of the most renowned and trusted Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Bulk Storage Silos for Solids and Liquids. Since last 17 years, Rostfrei has completed more than 8000 installations worldwide in approx. 25 countries.

Rostfrei Steels Pvt Ltd. products are value for money, long lasting and well engineered.

Rostfrei make silos are more suitable for tropical and sub-tropical regions like India as they are made of Zincalume Steel and Colorbond Steel. Zincalume steel and Colorbond Steel Silos performs far better than conventional GI Steel silos in India like climates. In Colorbond Steel one can choose any color to match existing color theme of customer’s factory.

ZINCALUME Steel has Alloy coating of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon which is carried out at 600 Deg C, hence more uniform and strong. Zincalume is the best material for long-term storage of grains as it has excellent Thermal Reflectivity, Corrosion Resistant, Lightweight and Stronger than conventional Galvanised steel material

Problems associated with GI Steel Silos?

The biggest problem is that the average service life of GI Steel Silos is very less. GI Steel have metal coating of 99.7% Zinc over mild steel which is carried out at 450 Deg C. Zinc Coating saves mild steel from getting corroded. Zinc reacts with atmospheric oxygen in the presence of humidity and form Zinc Oxide. Zinc protects base metal mild steel by sacrificing itself, which means by converting itself to Zinc Oxide. Eventually with the passage of time whole of zinc coating gets sacrificed and base metal mild steel is exposed and thereafter corrosion is very fast.

Since zinc reacts with atmospheric oxygen only in the presence of humidity in the air. Wherever the humidity is more the reaction is fast and wherever it is less reaction is slow. Warmer air has more capability to hold moisture and colder air has less capability to hold moisture. Hence GI performs better in colder climates than in warmer climates hence more popular in countries where the climatic is cold most of the time.

In tropical and sub-tropical regions since the air is very humid, GI does not perform to its expectations.

Average Service Life of of GI Steel silos is as mentioned in the table below;

Note : - Indian Climate fall between Temperate Marine and Tropical Marine

Rostfrei Make Zincalume Silos solves the corrosion problems

ZINCALUME Steel has Alloy coating of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon by weight. Since Aluminium is a lighter metal hence volumetrically it occupies approximately 80% of the volume, and hence aluminium helps to protect zinc coming in contact with atmospheric humidity and oxygen. Thus, Zincalume has double protection - Barrier protection of Aluminium and Galvanic protection of Zinc. Aluminium is protecting Zinc and Zinc is further protecting Base metal.

Advantages of Rostfrei Make Zincalume Steel Silos?

Zincalume Steel Silos provide following benefits that no other grain silo can provide so efficiently

· Uniform Alloy Coating: ZINCALUME Steel has Alloy coating of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon which is carried out at 600 Deg C, hence more uniform and strong.

· Durability: Zincalume steel has very good Corrosion Resistant Properties and can withstand Salt Spray Test of 2000 hours whereas GI 350 GSM can withstand a salt spray test of only 500 hours.

· Excellent Thermal Reflectivity: Rostfrei Make Zincalume Steel Silos has Excellent Thermal Reflectivity of Solar Heat to reduce Heat Radiations inside. Hence Zincalume absorb only 4-5% heat as against GI Silos that absorb 22% to 26% heat, hence grains in Zincalume Silos are approximately 4 Deg Cooler than GI Silos

· Scratch Resistant: Rostfrei Make ZINCALUME steel is coated with specially developed passivation and resin coating as separate layers that improves its scratch resistance qualities. Hence Zincalume looks newer for long maintaining its lustre

· Last Lasting Lustre: Special treatment provided to Zincalume Steel reduces the rate of oxidation and resultant discoloration (Darkening) of Zincalume steels hence look newer for longer time. GI Steel silos become dull grey in color within 2 years of operation and start absorbing 26% of solar heat, which damages grains.

· Service Life: ZINCALUME Silos provides up to 3 to 4 times the service life of Galvanised steel silos of same coating thickness. Average Life of Zincalume Silo is approximately 40-50 years as against 15 to 18 years of Galvanised steel silos having same coating thickness

· Warranty: Only Rostfrei make ZINCALUME steel comes with up to 20 years warranty against perforation by weathering from the date of installation in neutral environment

Other Advantage

In Rostfrei we don’t treat Silo as a static storage tank, we treat it as a dynamic machine wherein live grains can be kept and their quality can be maintained. In short, we focus more on Effective Grain Management inside silo.

We stress more upon sizing Aeration System properly and balancing it by providing adequate Roof Ventilation. We provide Temperature Monitoring System that can withstand the grain pressure and accurate to the +/- 0.5 Deg C. This can be monitored remotely.

We size the Fumigation System in such a way that pressure drops are minimum and required numbers of air changes are effectively achieved with proper safety precautions as Phosphine gas is explosive when its concentration reach more than 17900 ppm.

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