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Insulated Grain Storage Silos - FAMSUN MAKE

Insulated Silos - First Time in India by FAMSUN

Insulated Silos for Grain Storage
Insulated Silos for Paddy

Insulated steel silos for grain storage are used in many countries around the world, especially in regions where preserving the quality and longevity of stored grains is crucial. Some of the countries where insulated steel silos are commonly used include the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, China, and various European countries.

Grain Chillers are gradually being accepted as a good investment to maintain the quality of grain inside a steel storage silo. Grain chillers are used to reduce the temperature of grain to 15 degrees or below to get the advantage of near zero infestation, reduced quality deteriorations and increased shelf life of grain. However, chilling grain to 15 degrees and maintaining it at that temperature inside a steel silo is an expensive affair because steel silo surfaces are exposed to solar heat and due to this the temperature inside keeps on increasing and thus more cooling energy is required to bring the temperature back to 15 degrees.

Advantages of Famsun Make Insulated Silos

Insulated Steel Silos are highly effective in maintaining a controlled atmosphere inside the silo to preserve the quality of grain. It helps solve many problems as follows.

  1. Energy Efficiency: Insulated Steel silos are highly energy efficient and ensures that the temperature inside the silo is maintained for long and thus saves a lot of power cost by reducing the needs to re-chill the grains to a large extent.

  2. Reduced Moisture Migration: Insulated silos keeps the temperature maintained uniformly inside a silo, which prevents moisture migration and condensation problems. This impacts positively on grain marketability and profitability

  3. Infestation: Insulated silos stops frequent fluctuation of temperature inside silo and helps in keeping the temperature uniform at 15 degrees or lower for long, which helps to prevent spoilage, mold growth, and insect infestations. This results in zero fumigation requirements and keeps the grain chemical free.

Construction of Famsun Make Insulated Silos

Famsun make Insulated Steel silos are innovatively designed and precisely manufactured to ensure significant savings in terms of reduced grain losses and operational costs over time. A key feature of Famsun Make silos are as follows.

  1. Famsun uses polyurethane foam (PUF) which is the best insulation material in the industry, as the insulation layer of silos.

  2. Molded polyurethane foam has good heat insulation, water resistance and aging resistance capabilities. Besides polyurethane foam has good adhesion to concrete, wood and steel plates.

  3. Famsun uses wooden skeleton as thermal insulation support parts to block the inner and outer steel plate thermal conductivity. Besides, the support parts are soaked with hot asphalt for about 1 hour, in order to sterilize and make it insect and corrosion free.

  4. Sidewall sheets are insulated with polyurethane spray which ensure perfect sealing.

  5. Internal and external surfaces of silo roof is insulated with 50-100 mm thick insulation layer.

Insulated Steel Silo for Grain Storage
Insulated Silo

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