How Silos can bring Profits in a Rice Mill?

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

When you enter into any Rice Mill you will hear one phrase very frequently.


Almost everyone is concerned about reducing "Brokens" at all the stages of operation. Good! Not Bad! One should be concerned about reducing "Brokens" as it brings down profitability. Brokens sells at much lesser price than whole rice grain so it pinches everyone.

Yes, but remember "Brokens" still get you some price but what about the Paddy that is lost in the system?

"Paddy Lost is Absolute Loss and Much Bigger than Brokens"

Most of the paddy is stored in Jute Bags and trust me, "Bag Storage is the most expansive storage in the world".

Have you ever counted how much Paddy you lose when you store paddy in Jute Bags??

you know, "Whatever you can't measure, you cannot improve that". Same happens with Paddy. Since Paddy Losses are not measured in a Rice Mill so nobody knows. Let me make you visualise the following losses;

  1. Paddy losses due to paddy spillage from bags

  2. Paddy spoiling due to Rodent Attacks

  3. Paddy spoling due to Birds Dropping

  4. Paddy losses due to theft and pilferage

  5. Paddy damage due to Infestations because of ineffective fumigation

  6. Money lost due to Slow Speed of Manual Bagged System

  7. Money lost due to Bag Handling Costs