How Grain Movement in Bulk Container will help India?

Bagged Storage of Food grain is the most expansive method to store Food grain owing to its high cost of operation and spoilage of food grain, which is a big loss to the nation. Food Corporation of India (FCI) has recognised this and since 2006 taking steps to convert bagged storage to bulk storage. World over the grain storage happens in bulk in grain storage silos as it is the most scientific and cost effective methodology.

Grain storage in silos ensures long term & high speed storage and handling of grains with least losses.

Food Grain Logistics
Open Top Food Grain Containers

FCI Plans

FCI currently has more than 750 Lakh tons of bagged storage and out of which approximately 175 Lakh tons is CAP (Cover and Plinth) storage. Since CAP storages are open storages hence most of the losses occur only in CAP storages. FCI has now decided to convert about 100 Lakh tons of this CAP storage into modern and scientific Grain Silo Storage under PPP Mode in VGF and Non-VGF formats.

Slow Moving Plan

FCI has plans to build this 100 Lakh tons of Grain Silo Storage by 2020. Most of the Grain Silo Terminals are proposed to be of 50000MT Capacity and all would be having Rail Siding so that grains could be moved in bulk by rail. However owning to various reasons the work is going little slow. The biggest hurdle is buying and acquisition of land to build Grain Silo Terminals.