Grain Cleaner Selection

A Grain Cleaner is a very important equipment to clean the grain before storage (Pre-Cleaner) and before milling (Fine-Cleaner);

When we pass the grains through Pre-Cleaner before transferring the grains to Storage Silos it helps in achieving the following benefits

  • Aeration costs reduces as grain dust and impurities tend to generate high density areas which generates resistance to aeration flow

  • Reduces in-storage shrink loss of grains and grain damage also decreases due to infestation. Grain dust is highly susceptible to get infested.

  • Storage at higher moisture content possible due to lesser dust particles which develops into mould growth and foul smell in high moisture grains

  • Cleaning Reduces transportation costs

  • Cleaning grains makes the density inside silo uniform which improves the effectiveness of fumigation

  • Reduce requirement to turn-over the grains

Similarly when the grains are passed through fine cleaner

  • It makes good quality final product

  • Ensures customer satisfaction

  • Overall net profit

  1. Hence Grain Cleaner must be selected with utm